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  • May 12 / 2014
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Botox Training For Physicians

botox demonstrationStaying youthful and beautiful forever is not only difficult, but comes with a huge price tag and a lot of sessions under the knife. Unfortunately, surgeries for maintaining your youthful skin and ageless beauty do not necessarily mean that it will be perfect and everything you had imagined it to be. Sometimes, surgeries can go awfully wrong and leave the patient with tremendous pain and agony for the rest of their lives. Thankfully, there is Botox which has proven to be the number one leading non-surgical cosmetic procedure in the United States.

Because of Botox’s non-surgical appeal to the masses, it is not surprising that Botox training has become the most important component of any cosmetic practice. In the United States, a majority of medical professionals are eligible to become certified in the Botox injection training. If you are a medical professional who would like to broaden their horizon in cosmetic procedure, then continue reading to find out about why you should take a Botox training course. Firstly, a Botox training will count towards your yearly continuing medical education (CME) credits. Secondly, completing your Botox training at the National Laser Institute’s medical aesthetics school gives you the freedom to choose training program that lasts for just a day. The more intensive training programs can range from 1 day to 12 days. If you do not wish to commit so much of your time to Botox training, then a certification program at the National Laser Institute can be completed in just about two days. Some certification programs are offered over weekends to accommodate professionals with a busy schedule and cover topics such as Botox, Dysport and dermal fillers. These short certification programs also include practical training.

Some of the other common procedures that fall next in line to Botox are, non-surgical face lifts, lip augmentations, and dermal filling procedures. In order to become a noted facial esthetic healthcare professional, you should not only consider the afore-mentioned procedures, but also possess the knowledge to a multitude of other beauty procedures as well. These procedures include, but are not limited to brow lifts, cheek bone enhancements, lip sculpting, laser skin treatments, jowls and pre-jowl Sulcus treatments etc. It is also beneficial to learn about facial spa treatments like deep cleansing, exfoliation and facial massage. Offering your patients the choice of getting treatments like light chemical peels and skin micro-dermabrasion will also add-on to your success of becoming a Facial Esthetic Healthcare Professional. Whichever procedures you end up offering at your clinic, it is always a good idea to talk to your patients about their expectations of the treatment and what they can do to make their experience less agonizing.


  • Jan 25 / 2014
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Even The Root Canal Was Okay

I wasn’t looking forward to my first visit to the dentist because I already knew what was wrong. I needed a root canal. I knew it. I had had one before and it was terrible, but someone else did that. Before I could get there, the tooth broke. The pain was the worst I’ve ever had with anything. My insurance was still good even though I was leaving my job, so I was pleased that he would see my right away instead of waiting for my appointment. I did need a root canal, but it was actually okay. I cried in the waiting room because I was so worried, but he’s a good guy and made me feel at ease. He was genuinely upset that I was so upset and waited until I calmed down to start. He stabilized everything right away and gave me something to take care of the pain. I have a crown now and it’s all okay. He’s a good guy I’ll see every time now.



  • Jan 20 / 2014
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Cool Dentist

I’m not very cool so I don’t know if cool is the right word, but my dentist is cool to me. I don’t know how long he had to go to school to be a dentist, but he doesn’t look down on me like so many professionals do. He’s close to my age and considers me a peer. I like that.

We do the same things and have some of the same hobbies, so that’s cool too. He’s gotten me interested in reading some stuff that I never thought I’d like and we talk about it now every time I’m in. I even see him at a restaurant once in a while and he’s friendly and nice there.

So I’m basically a friend of my dentist. I never thought that would happen. For a while, I though he especially liked me, but I know a couple of his other patients and I just think he’s a nice guy. He seems to be.

He’s my only friend that I let prod on me and pick at my teeth, but other than that he’s just a regular friendly guy that I like being around.



  • Jan 14 / 2014
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A Caring Dentist

My childhood dental health was all messed up by a bad dentist who really hurt my mouth. For 7 or 8 years after that, I wouldn’t go to a dentist of any kind. About eight years ago, I started to see some funny marks on my teeth and got a small chip on a front tooth in the bottom. So I had to go back to the dentist. I chose Dr V because of his reputation for gentleness, compassion and treating people like a whole person instead of just a mouth. When I got there, he talked to me like a real person, explained what I needed, gave me options and made me feel like he cared. I’ve been seeing him 8 years now and he has had to do a lot for me because I waited so long to come see him. I moved out of San Diego about four years, but I come back to the area every four or five months and see him during my visits if I need to. Let me tell you: I had to visit someone else in my new hometown of Las Vegas because it was an emergency, and I hated it. I let her do what I had to have done and never went again. I’m going to try to never go to anyone else but Dr V as long as he’s in business.



  • Jan 07 / 2014
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Dentists Need A Marketing Program

Why doesn’t someone do some marketing for dentists? Everyone thinks terrible things about them. When I say I’m going to the dentist, people saw awful things — but they just aren’t true about my dentist. They tell me I’ll be miserable for days, but I actually like going to see all the people. They’re very fun people.

When I was in college I didn’t go the dentist. Then there was a lot to be fixed after that. Then I got busy and stopped going again. Finally, I discovered the dentist was just about the only place that would let me lay down in the middle of the day and do nothing! So I started going to the dentist, found I needed a lot of work again and set about getting it done.

This dentist is very laid back, casual and it is sort of like going for a pedicure or manicure. You feel pampered when you leave instead of all beaten up. There might be some discomfort, but it’s worth it for a healthy and comfortable smile.



  • Jan 07 / 2014
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Dentist Fixed Tooth Others Avoided

I finally got my bottom molar pulled after I had rescheduled the appointment three or four times. Everything just seemed wrong about the other dates, and this one seemed right. It was probably just me, but what can I say? I believe in those kinds of things. I didn’t want to do it on those days so I didn’t.

There was lots of stuff going on with me, but the tooth is out now, Dr. V was great and the whole mess didn’t cost me as much as I thought it would. So I’m very pleased.

Here’s the story: I first set up an appointment with another dentist but I think he was scared of me or something. He said it was the worst tooth he’d ever seen — and that just added to my anxiety. He made it seem like this was all going to be a big mess. I expected the worst and decided to forget it. But it had to be done, so I called Dr. V on the recommendation of a friend. That turns out to have been a very good decision.

At Dr. V’s office, he made me feel welcome and at home, and told me that the extraction wouldn’t be a problem. I came back when he asked me to and it took like 10 minutes. No swelling or pain or anything. I didn’t need much of the pain meds either. The injection was easy. There was no digging like the other guy said there would be and it couldn’t have been easier. I don’t know how the first dentist could have been so wrong.

The tooth was all eaten away under an old silver filling and that’s why it had to go. Otherwise I would have considered something like a root canal or an implant or something, but I just wanted this all out of there and the hole closed up, which Dr. V did. The tooth was actually solid and in one piece, but under there was rotten stuff on all four sides. Dr. V showed it to me, and that made me very glad it was out.

I’ve had some other medical problems lately that I won’t go into and I didn’t want to have a tooth messing up my life. I’m not in a place where I can afford to have an infection.

I took my crystals with me for courage and anxiety and they seemed to help me, but Dr. V’s attitude helped more than anything else. He’s a friendly and really outgoing guy who seems to really like what he’s doing. And he’s been doing it 20 or 30 years or something, so knows his job.

I know I’ll have to do something about replacing that tooth if I want to be able to eat correctly, but Dr. V said I can deal with that whenever I’m ready. I’m just so glad to get rid of all the rotting stuff so I can get on with my life. I have a compromised immune system and need to be really careful.

The dentist promises that he can show me how to keep my remaining teeth healthy and he said that I only have one or two other small problems that need fillings. So if I’m lucky, I won’t have to have another extraction. But if anything at all happens to my teeth, this is the dentist that will get to fix them.

  • Nov 01 / 2013
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I Like This Dentist

I had known my old dentist all my life, but he died suddenly only like three weeks before I was supposed to go back for some work. The old dentist was very patient and kind. I ran all over that place when I was a kid and he didn’t care. He used to talk all the time and tell long, interesting stories. So I always liked going to the dentist. But I had heard most were more business-like. But I wanted to watch movies and read magazines in the lobby and stuff. My denist is really a lot like the guy I remember from a few years ago. He’s just nice. He’s kind and friendly, like the one I used to know. I used to like going to the dentist instead of going to school. Now I guess I can start going to the dentist instead of going to work.


  • Aug 17 / 2013
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Overcoming My Anticipation, Anxiety

My anticipation anxiety has been pretty bad recently, so I took a half-dose of my usual tranquilizer before my aunt drove me to my appointment with my dentist. And then I sat down. And the anxiety kicked in. I sort of laid down across the chairs in the waiting room before I was called back. My aunt said it was only about six minutes.

So I sat in the dental chair and told him which tooth was causing me problems. He actually listened to me and put me at ease. I’m not even sure the tranquiller was necessary, but I get so worried that things are going to go wrong everywhere I go.

He explained that I needed a filling and that he could do it right away. Once I agreed, he rubbed a painkiller on my gums, then I didn’t even feel the needle as it went it. I wish I hadn’t seen it either because needles make me feel weird, but I looked over at the wrong time.

Anyway, I felt a little twitch in my eye, but he and the nurse explained that this happens in a certain percentage of patients. Okay. No big deal. The nurse even said that I did really well with the injection. That made me feel kinda silly because I’m an adult and shouldn’t need to be told that, but I liked it. She was being maternal, I think.

I don’t really like drills. Needles are okay, I guess, but drills really bother me. But my dentist uses a special kind of drill that doesn’t make as much noise and doesn’t get as hot. That helped a little. All that really bothered me was spraying cold water on my teeth, but that’s because I’m hypersensitive to cold. I told them that and they changed the way they did things so I felt less of the cold water.

I had a little swelling in my jaw and my eyelid was a bit numb, but I sat in the waiting room for a little while and everything went back to normal or almost normal. My aunt took me home and I was fine within two or three hours.

I guess I’m a little more nervous than most, but even though I had the complication with the eye and the swelling, there was never any real pain or discomfort. I guess I’m a wimp and am complaining to much, but I want you to understand that I like my dentist and how nice he and everyone were to me.

When I need to go to the dentist again he’s the one I’ll go to. He’s a lot better than anyone else I’ve been to, and maybe I’ll get over some of my fears and issues before I have to go back.

I’ll probably still take the tranquilizer next time, but maybe I’ll only take a quarter of it. It depends on how I feel that day. The more I confront things that bother me, the better I feel. And my tooth hasn’t hurt at all after I had the deep filling. So I’m happy with this experience.

  • Jan 03 / 2013
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Not Afraid of the Dentist Anymore

I know I’m an idiot, but I didn’t go see a dentist for a really long time. And I paid for that. I had to have an abscess treated at the emergency room late last year and had to stay in the hospital overnight. That cost more than anything I saved by not going to a dentist.

The ER people told me I needed a lot of dental work. It was a lot more than I thought it would be, but probably not as bad as it could have been. I need to have my wisdom teeth out too.

I found a great dental clinic. Even the first cleaning worried me because it had been so long, but I was completely relaxed within a few minutes. The hygenist was great and so was the dentist. They were both a lot more gentle than I expected. They went out of their way to be gentle. They asked me what I don’t like about dentists and I told them it was the fear of the unknown. I guess that’s right.

I started treatment last week and had four teeth restored. I had NO pain and just a very little bit of discomfort. I tried to fall asleep twice while they were working on me. They said that was OK if I wanted to. At least I got over being nervous. I like having a plan.

Everybody I know has a dental horror story, but none of them are Dr V’s patients. I sometimes wonder if the people who make it sound so bad even go to the dentist.

It’s not an ordeal or a problem in any way. I didn’t like the injection, but even that wasn’t as bad as when I was a kid. And within a day, the pain in the 4 teeth he worked on so long was all gone.

So I learned that dentists aren’t bad. I don’t want to ever spend a night in a hospital again, so I’m not going to mess up again. I’ve stopped telling my friends I’m getting my teeth fixed because I don’t want to hear their horror stories. They’re just not true for me.

  • Jan 20 / 2017
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Trend Alert! Sliding Barn Doors Are Here to Stay!

barn door to closetDid you remember to close the barn door before you left for work today? No, I’m not trying to tell you something in code, I’m telling you something that is hot and trending right now…Sliding barn doors!

Home improvement greats like Bob Vila have been quoted saying” Barn doors provide an ultra-stylish solution for tight or cramped spaces.” Whether you need a bathroom, home office or bedroom system we will find the right door for you!

Barn doors trending like never and are not wholly restricted to the rustic/reclaimed look that has defined the feature for so long.

There are so many ways to introduce sliding barn doors into almost any space.  Simply by changing the finish of the door can make you feel like you are in an urban loft rather than an old farmhouse. Half of the appeal is the sliding door itself while the other half is a combination of gorgeous hardware options like sleek chrome or chunky iron. Pinterest can help you create a collection of inspiring real world examples. A visually appealing and functional sliding barn door will likely keep on trending even after the hype ends.

Barn doors don’t have to be rustic?! They don’t, but when they are, a sliding barn door does add that distinctive touch to your special space. Use contrasts wherever possible! A rustic home office for example contrasted against clean lines and a color like baby blue or something equally vibrant. Tuck away your washer/dryer behind a sliding barn door making a cozy, unique, and private laundry room. You can transform your traditional sliding glass doors from some indoor/outdoor sliding barn doors! Love glass more than wood? Make your bathroom an elegant master with a monogram glass sheet sliding door!

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  • Jan 20 / 2017
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Sliding Closet Doors – No Longer An Afterthought

There was a point in time where having a glass sliding closet door was only an afterthought. Now we know that sliding doors do not only save up on space but increase the price of home value and keep you up to date on the newest trends in interior design. If you think that talking about one type of closet door is limiting then that only goes to show that you have seen heard nothing about glass sliding doors. One popular design that you will always see in media is glass closet doors with wenge aluminum frames. This does not only give your room a nice rustic feel but also make it looks clutter free!

Every type of sliding door provides not only a new style to your room but also tells everyone something subtle about your taste. Take the Shoji door, call so for it divider stripes, take gives the room a more peaceful feel then before. That means this is perfect for the bedroom or guest room. Let’s just say that instead, you went for wood panelling. Where the other doors stand in the background and add to the room, this door becomes the focal point of the chamber. You will appreciate this if you are a real neat freak like me. It is not like you can go wrong with having a mirrored closet door as well for those who are always on the go and in the eye of the perfect. A gift that any daughter will love. Looking to buy your little man a new closet door too? A silver framed closet door always functions as a dry erase board. Stylish, practical, and functional are the three things that any boy will adore. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

There is no denying that sliding closet doors are a classic. They have been around so long that it is no wonder that we have the style down to an art. They are easy to open (for anyone), save space, and simple to install. It is amazing when you think of the progress of what we once called closet doors has made over the years.


  • Jun 09 / 2016
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Holistic Dentistry, A whole new way to clean your teeth

As we will see throughout this article, there are few difference between holistic and conventional dentistry in number, however, one important thing stands out. Holistic dentist values oral health and is for the belief that dental health is a true reflection of one’s general health. These dentists also take into account the benefits of exercising and also one’s state of mind. Much of the focus is however directed to nutrition, prevention and education. On cleaning teeth services holistic dentists give bias to natural treatment methods and use conventional treatment as an alternative. Holistic comes from the greek word that means “relating to the whole” and it covers the awareness of the physical, mental and emotional well-being of an individual. This is precisely why holistic doctors tend to ask extensive questions about one’s personal life which often times include diet, stress in one’s life and even the exercising habits. Most natural / mercury free dentists do not recommend the use of fluoride. Alternatively, they focus on preventing and avoiding sugar.

It is advised that people embrace the use of traditional as well as native culture methods to clean their teeth at home. Most cultures use the toothbrush made from juniper tree, the oak, the fir and the twigs of healing plants like the bay. These twigs seem to contain some volatile oil that helps clean the teeth and tighten guns & stimulate blood circulation. They also contain vitamin C which is good for the health of the gums. Caution though, unless this form of brushing is prescribed to you by your herbalist, stick to your traditional brushing method. You may need to have the twig brush specially ordered for you by your dentist to ensure that no toxic substance enters your body with this treatment option. Other holistic methods that you may try out yourself even without the prescription include; the use of baking soda and/or a pinch of salt and salt. This makes natural toothpaste. You may also try out Waterpik. This method forces water through your teeth for effective cleaning. Last but not least, you can try out malice, a substance found in strawberry. To get malice, crash a ripe strawberry and mix it with ½ teaspoon of salt, place and leave on your teeth for about 5 minutes then brush your teeth and rinse. This method helps in both teeth cleaning and whitening. Caution, this should not be done for more than one week as too much malice damages the teeth. Note that holistic treatments are used to complement therapies that you are already undertaking with your doctor.

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  • Jul 05 / 2015
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Why Mold Removal is Important for Writers

mold abatement technitianWhen you sit down to write something, it is important that the space you are working in is comfortable and free from distractions. A great working space is conducive to great work. It is also important that you make sure that your space does not contain any unseen threats either, such as damp and mold, as these factors can really affect your writing ability. Therefore, if you do suspect that there is mold in your working space, you should consider professional mold removal.

Why writers are at risk from damp and mold

If you are shut up in a space for long periods of time, that space can be affected by damp or mold if it is not properly ventilated. Human breath and sweat contains moisture, which can increase the humidity level in a room. High humidity in a room can encourage mold growth. It is important to ventilate the room regularly to keep the air moving and to reduce the humidity levels. You can also reduce humidity by using a dehumidifier, although this can add to your electricity bill. Many writers also encourage damp and mold growth in their working space by having hot food in their working zone. The steam from food will ramp up the humidity, and if you leave it lying around, it can encourage vermin such as cockroaches.

Why mold will make you less productive

Once mold takes hold, it will start to give off a strong, musky smell. This smell in itself can be very distracting; however it is also the least of your worries. Once you can smell it, it means that a large number of spores are already airborne, and that you are already inhaling these spores. Inhaling spores can cause a number of different medical symptoms, including runny nose, itchy eyes, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, breathing problems, and worsening of existing asthma symptoms. In certain circumstances, the presence of toxic mold can cause even worse circumstances for those affected. Any of the symptoms listed is almost certainly going to decrease your productivity level as a writer, because discomfort takes your brain away from the place where it needs to be.

Mold Removal Tips

Mild mold can be removed using over the counter fungicides, although you should take care not to breath in any spores whilst cleaning. Wear a facemask for your own protection, and use at least three buckets of water for cleaning and rinsing, so as not to transfer any mold spores back into the affected area. If the mold growth is already extensive, it is important that you approach a professional mold removal specialist. They will have the understanding and tools needed to rid a room of extensive mold, which may have embedded itself deep within materials. In some circumstances, you may have to completely throw away items if they are already affected. As a writer, it is especially important that you take mold removal steps as soon as possible, because once mold takes hold of books and manuscripts; you may have to destroy them. Act before it is too late.

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