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Cool Dentist

  • Jan 20 / 2014
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Cool Dentist

I’m not very cool so I don’t know if cool is the right word, but my dentist is cool to me. I don’t know how long he had to go to school to be a dentist, but he doesn’t look down on me like so many professionals do. He’s close to my age and considers me a peer. I like that.

We do the same things and have some of the same hobbies, so that’s cool too. He’s gotten me interested in reading some stuff that I never thought I’d like and we talk about it now every time I’m in. I even see him at a restaurant once in a while and he’s friendly and nice there.

So I’m basically a friend of my dentist. I never thought that would happen. For a while, I though he especially liked me, but I know a couple of his other patients and I just think he’s a nice guy. He seems to be.

He’s my only friend that I let prod on me and pick at my teeth, but other than that he’s just a regular friendly guy that I like being around.



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