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  • Jan 20 / 2017
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Trend Alert! Sliding Barn Doors Are Here to Stay!

barn door to closetDid you remember to close the barn door before you left for work today? No, I’m not trying to tell you something in code, I’m telling you something that is hot and trending right now…Sliding barn doors!

Home improvement greats like Bob Vila have been quoted saying” Barn doors provide an ultra-stylish solution for tight or cramped spaces.” Whether you need a bathroom, home office or bedroom system we will find the right door for you!

Barn doors trending like never and are not wholly restricted to the rustic/reclaimed look that has defined the feature for so long.

There are so many ways to introduce sliding barn doors into almost any space.  Simply by changing the finish of the door can make you feel like you are in an urban loft rather than an old farmhouse. Half of the appeal is the sliding door itself while the other half is a combination of gorgeous hardware options like sleek chrome or chunky iron. Pinterest can help you create a collection of inspiring real world examples. A visually appealing and functional sliding barn door will likely keep on trending even after the hype ends.

Barn doors don’t have to be rustic?! They don’t, but when they are, a sliding barn door does add that distinctive touch to your special space. Use contrasts wherever possible! A rustic home office for example contrasted against clean lines and a color like baby blue or something equally vibrant. Tuck away your washer/dryer behind a sliding barn door making a cozy, unique, and private laundry room. You can transform your traditional sliding glass doors from some indoor/outdoor sliding barn doors! Love glass more than wood? Make your bathroom an elegant master with a monogram glass sheet sliding door!

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  • Jan 20 / 2017
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Sliding Closet Doors – No Longer An Afterthought

There was a point in time where having a glass sliding closet door was only an afterthought. Now we know that sliding doors do not only save up on space but increase the price of home value and keep you up to date on the newest trends in interior design. If you think that talking about one type of closet door is limiting then that only goes to show that you have seen heard nothing about glass sliding doors. One popular design that you will always see in media is glass closet doors with wenge aluminum frames. This does not only give your room a nice rustic feel but also make it looks clutter free!

Every type of sliding door provides not only a new style to your room but also tells everyone something subtle about your taste. Take the Shoji door, call so for it divider stripes, take gives the room a more peaceful feel then before. That means this is perfect for the bedroom or guest room. Let’s just say that instead, you went for wood panelling. Where the other doors stand in the background and add to the room, this door becomes the focal point of the chamber. You will appreciate this if you are a real neat freak like me. It is not like you can go wrong with having a mirrored closet door as well for those who are always on the go and in the eye of the perfect. A gift that any daughter will love. Looking to buy your little man a new closet door too? A silver framed closet door always functions as a dry erase board. Stylish, practical, and functional are the three things that any boy will adore. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

There is no denying that sliding closet doors are a classic. They have been around so long that it is no wonder that we have the style down to an art. They are easy to open (for anyone), save space, and simple to install. It is amazing when you think of the progress of what we once called closet doors has made over the years.


  • Jun 09 / 2016
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Holistic Dentistry, A whole new way to clean your teeth

As we will see throughout this article, there are few difference between holistic and conventional dentistry in number, however, one important thing stands out. Holistic dentist values oral health and is for the belief that dental health is a true reflection of one’s general health. These dentists also take into account the benefits of exercising and also one’s state of mind. Much of the focus is however directed to nutrition, prevention and education. On cleaning teeth services holistic dentists give bias to natural treatment methods and use conventional treatment as an alternative. Holistic comes from the greek word that means “relating to the whole” and it covers the awareness of the physical, mental and emotional well-being of an individual. This is precisely why holistic doctors tend to ask extensive questions about one’s personal life which often times include diet, stress in one’s life and even the exercising habits. Most natural / mercury free dentists do not recommend the use of fluoride. Alternatively, they focus on preventing and avoiding sugar.

It is advised that people embrace the use of traditional as well as native culture methods to clean their teeth at home. Most cultures use the toothbrush made from juniper tree, the oak, the fir and the twigs of healing plants like the bay. These twigs seem to contain some volatile oil that helps clean the teeth and tighten guns & stimulate blood circulation. They also contain vitamin C which is good for the health of the gums. Caution though, unless this form of brushing is prescribed to you by your herbalist, stick to your traditional brushing method. You may need to have the twig brush specially ordered for you by your dentist to ensure that no toxic substance enters your body with this treatment option. Other holistic methods that you may try out yourself even without the prescription include; the use of baking soda and/or a pinch of salt and salt. This makes natural toothpaste. You may also try out Waterpik. This method forces water through your teeth for effective cleaning. Last but not least, you can try out malice, a substance found in strawberry. To get malice, crash a ripe strawberry and mix it with ½ teaspoon of salt, place and leave on your teeth for about 5 minutes then brush your teeth and rinse. This method helps in both teeth cleaning and whitening. Caution, this should not be done for more than one week as too much malice damages the teeth. Note that holistic treatments are used to complement therapies that you are already undertaking with your doctor.

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  • Jul 05 / 2015
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Why Mold Removal is Important for Writers

mold abatement technitianWhen you sit down to write something, it is important that the space you are working in is comfortable and free from distractions. A great working space is conducive to great work. It is also important that you make sure that your space does not contain any unseen threats either, such as damp and mold, as these factors can really affect your writing ability. Therefore, if you do suspect that there is mold in your working space, you should consider professional mold removal.

Why writers are at risk from damp and mold

If you are shut up in a space for long periods of time, that space can be affected by damp or mold if it is not properly ventilated. Human breath and sweat contains moisture, which can increase the humidity level in a room. High humidity in a room can encourage mold growth. It is important to ventilate the room regularly to keep the air moving and to reduce the humidity levels. You can also reduce humidity by using a dehumidifier, although this can add to your electricity bill. Many writers also encourage damp and mold growth in their working space by having hot food in their working zone. The steam from food will ramp up the humidity, and if you leave it lying around, it can encourage vermin such as cockroaches.

Why mold will make you less productive

Once mold takes hold, it will start to give off a strong, musky smell. This smell in itself can be very distracting; however it is also the least of your worries. Once you can smell it, it means that a large number of spores are already airborne, and that you are already inhaling these spores. Inhaling spores can cause a number of different medical symptoms, including runny nose, itchy eyes, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, breathing problems, and worsening of existing asthma symptoms. In certain circumstances, the presence of toxic mold can cause even worse circumstances for those affected. Any of the symptoms listed is almost certainly going to decrease your productivity level as a writer, because discomfort takes your brain away from the place where it needs to be.

Mold Removal Tips

Mild mold can be removed using over the counter fungicides, although you should take care not to breath in any spores whilst cleaning. Wear a facemask for your own protection, and use at least three buckets of water for cleaning and rinsing, so as not to transfer any mold spores back into the affected area. If the mold growth is already extensive, it is important that you approach a professional mold removal specialist. They will have the understanding and tools needed to rid a room of extensive mold, which may have embedded itself deep within materials. In some circumstances, you may have to completely throw away items if they are already affected. As a writer, it is especially important that you take mold removal steps as soon as possible, because once mold takes hold of books and manuscripts; you may have to destroy them. Act before it is too late.

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