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I Like This Dentist

  • Nov 01 / 2013
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I Like This Dentist

I had known my old dentist all my life, but he died suddenly only like three weeks before I was supposed to go back for some work. The old dentist was very patient and kind. I ran all over that place when I was a kid and he didn’t care. He used to talk all the time and tell long, interesting stories. So I always liked going to the dentist. But I had heard most were more business-like. But I wanted to watch movies and read magazines in the lobby and stuff. My denist is really a lot like the guy I remember from a few years ago. He’s just nice. He’s kind and friendly, like the one I used to know. I used to like going to the dentist instead of going to school. Now I guess I can start going to the dentist instead of going to work.


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