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Trend Alert! Sliding Barn Doors Are Here to Stay!

  • Jan 20 / 2017
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Trend Alert! Sliding Barn Doors Are Here to Stay!

barn door to closetDid you remember to close the barn door before you left for work today? No, I’m not trying to tell you something in code, I’m telling you something that is hot and trending right now…Sliding barn doors!

Home improvement greats like Bob Vila have been quoted saying” Barn doors provide an ultra-stylish solution for tight or cramped spaces.” Whether you need a bathroom, home office or bedroom system we will find the right door for you!

Barn doors trending like never and are not wholly restricted to the rustic/reclaimed look that has defined the feature for so long.

There are so many ways to introduce sliding barn doors into almost any space.  Simply by changing the finish of the door can make you feel like you are in an urban loft rather than an old farmhouse. Half of the appeal is the sliding door itself while the other half is a combination of gorgeous hardware options like sleek chrome or chunky iron. Pinterest can help you create a collection of inspiring real world examples. A visually appealing and functional sliding barn door will likely keep on trending even after the hype ends.

Barn doors don’t have to be rustic?! They don’t, but when they are, a sliding barn door does add that distinctive touch to your special space. Use contrasts wherever possible! A rustic home office for example contrasted against clean lines and a color like baby blue or something equally vibrant. Tuck away your washer/dryer behind a sliding barn door making a cozy, unique, and private laundry room. You can transform your traditional sliding glass doors from some indoor/outdoor sliding barn doors! Love glass more than wood? Make your bathroom an elegant master with a monogram glass sheet sliding door!

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