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Sliding Closet Doors – No Longer An Afterthought

  • Jan 20 / 2017
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Sliding Closet Doors – No Longer An Afterthought

There was a point in time where having a glass sliding closet door was only an afterthought. Now we know that sliding doors do not only save up on space but increase the price of home value and keep you up to date on the newest trends in interior design. If you think that talking about one type of closet door is limiting then that only goes to show that you have seen heard nothing about glass sliding doors. One popular design that you will always see in media is glass closet doors with wenge aluminum frames. This does not only give your room a nice rustic feel but also make it looks clutter free!

Every type of sliding door provides not only a new style to your room but also tells everyone something subtle about your taste. Take the Shoji door, call so for it divider stripes, take gives the room a more peaceful feel then before. That means this is perfect for the bedroom or guest room. Let’s just say that instead, you went for wood panelling. Where the other doors stand in the background and add to the room, this door becomes the focal point of the chamber. You will appreciate this if you are a real neat freak like me. It is not like you can go wrong with having a mirrored closet door as well for those who are always on the go and in the eye of the perfect. A gift that any daughter will love. Looking to buy your little man a new closet door too? A silver framed closet door always functions as a dry erase board. Stylish, practical, and functional are the three things that any boy will adore. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

There is no denying that sliding closet doors are a classic. They have been around so long that it is no wonder that we have the style down to an art. They are easy to open (for anyone), save space, and simple to install. It is amazing when you think of the progress of what we once called closet doors has made over the years.


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